What I do on a sick day

If you wonder why your comments are gone, it's not because I'm arrogant and mean, but simply because I'm cleaning up a bit on the blog and if I do that I have to reinstall the comment system (yes, the comment issue is a huge disadvantage with the otherwise lovely Ghost platform).

I'm having some kind of flu/cold and while I'm stranded on the sofa without being able to do any productive things such as cleaning the house, I'm getting organised with domains and websites, trying to removing unnecessary things. I've been fiddling so much with websites over the last few years, I've been so creative with designs and ideas that you know, I wanted to use them somewhere. :) And now I just want to delete things I don't use and that I'm not sure I'll want to use in the future.

We need some sweetness in this world

We need some beauty and sweetness in this world, and here's my contribution:

These photos were possible to take because on Wednesday she had her spay surgery done, and after that she was generally drugged and drowsy and dragged herself around the room. Usually she is either sleeping, eating, running around like crazy chasing toy mice, or like this:


Photo Sunday

The new camera and the miracle lens

About a week ago I bought my new camera. :)
I decided to get the Panasonic. I checked out the Olympus again but really did not like the interface.

I couldn't be happier about this purchase. I've had quite some things to learn about how to operate the camera, since the Canon interface is so much more simple, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it, and now I've set up some shortcuts and can do pretty much everything I want.

The camera came with a kit lens, a 14-42 mm lens, that has been ok, although it's not great for low light or gloomy weather, I managed to take these:

I really like how sharp images I can take with this camera. That was hard with the Canon. It can be because of the weight, but I don't think that is the whole truth.. this new camera is so different.

Two days ago I got the fixed lens that I had ordered. I've never had one before, but decided to get one when the lady in the shop told me they go lower in aperture number, and are better for low light. I haven't managed to get any good quality before with larger aperture, but this camera seems different in that matter. And when I got this lens, wow, what an experience. I never thought it would make so much difference. I've been able to take good pictures in the living room in the evening.. amazing.

There isn't much to photograph, as I said in the last post, but at least have the cat.

Goodbye, autumn

November is here, and with it, very little daylight, dreary weather, and no colours outside. I'm so glad that the really cold weather hasn't really hit us yet. We've had a few days with 2-3 degrees C in the morning but most of the times it's been around 7 in the morning and around 12 during the day. Not bad at all.

I wanted to celebrate the now gone autumn colours with a few photos from the garden.

Today I'm going to buy a new camera. I've had an entry level Canon for two years, and now I'm ready to move on, and I also want something that is smaller in size, and was thrilled when I read about mirrorless system cameras. It will very likely be a Panasonic but I did check out an Olympus too, however I didn't like the shape of it, the Panasonic seemed a lot more comfortable in the hand, and it had lots of interesting and handy features.

Sadly there isn't much to photograph this season, but at least I have the cat to practice on...

Sweet Shot Tuesday
Life through the lens

About comparing and music made well

I often hear this: "When I hear him play, I want to sell my guitar/banjo/mandolin/whatever".

Hmm. What exactly do you mean with that? I understand that it's an expression to say that a certain musician is brilliant. But like, don't you enjoy playing music anymore just because there are others who are better? Aren't you allowed to play just because there are others who are better?

Everybody can't be (insert name of brilliant musician here). But you can still enjoy playing, and people can still enjoy your music.

Personally I've stopped comparing myself to others, because it's useless. I will never be like Norman Blake, Tim O'Brien or Noel Hill, but I can get inspiration from their playing, try to copy the bits that I like, try to learn some of it, and continue playing, and enjoy it. The only person I compare myself with is - myself. The level I was at a few years ago, compared to now. That's inspiring, to see my own progress.

Today I picked up the guitar, for the first time since ages. I've been learning some fingerpicking, but today I first did some flatpicking. I quite soon took up the fingerpicks again, because I've become so used to that that I adapt the same patterns with flatpicking, which doesn't work particularly well (because of different picking directions, etc). So this means that fingerpicking (in a simple Maybelle Carter style) has become a habit and is natural for me now. This is great! I have lots, lots and lots to learn, but it's in my muscle memory somehow and that is good.

I usually don't enjoy those so-called brilliant kids on You Tube that people continue to put on Facebook. They are usually kids who play blazing fast on their instrument, but really, do they play well? Or do they just play fast and it sounds impressive because of the speed?
I prefer musicians who can play at speeds that are adapted to the type of tune, and who can do it beautifully, with a good tone. I may get the cyber mandolin mob after me now, but I don't like Bill Monroe's playing. He's made some lovely tunes, but his playing was rather sloppy. I prefer those who can play with a nice tone. And, while the early videos of the Tuttle kids were lovely to see because it's always good to see kids learn to play bluegrass, they would have played better at a more normal speed.

I may be boring, but I like music made well.

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