Some other places in Abruzzo

We're home from Italy, and had such a lovely stay there, as usual!! I just wasn't up to write much while I was there, because, hmm, been there, done that, since the people who come to visit my blog have seen these places before. This time, since my parents were with us, and they haven't been to Abruzzo much before, we wanted to show them our favourite places, although we found some new favourite places too, of course, such as Città Sant' Angelo, Ortona, and more.

Some of the best places....(new and old). (I warn you that this post is VERY image heavy)

The Aragonese castle in Ortona:

And just south of Ortona, the costa dei trabocchi, and the most fabulous place there, Punta Aderci:

This house, just before Punta Aderci, that looks exactly as the one in the film "Io non ho paura" (but it's not the one. The film was done in Basilicata).

The sunflower fields. I can't get enough of them!

Wine tasting at Angelucci.


And of course, Pianella. I kind of regret that I didn't take any photos at the main street.

Lago di Scanno:

The views from the top of Corvara, and while going home from there:

And of course, the lovely olive farm run by wonderful people who are now our friends rather than just people we rent an apartment from.

This year I wanted to learn to take great photos of olive trees. That never happened though, because I was out one morning but the light is so bright at that time of the day. I wanted to go back in the evening, but never got around to do it. I hope to do that next year. This year we usually had dinner at the time when the light is best, or I'd need to get up at sunrise, which I didn't manage to do (maybe next year!).

Generally, we had a fabulous holiday! Well, it's not over yet...

Città Sant' Angelo

The other day we went out for a pizza with friends of ours. We left early to see some places in the area, and decided to go up to a town called Città Sant' Angelo, which is a bit north-east. It's a lovely town on a hill.

Beautiful views, and a nice lively town.

They guys on the last photo are making arrosticini, the most typical dish around here.

There was a wedding in town that day too.


The other day we had planned to go to Caramanico and Roccacaramanico but we took the wrong road and ended up on the way to Gran Sasso instead of Majella. When I discovered it, it was too late... so we went to Castelli instead. Castelli is a very pretty village at the foot of Gran Sasso, and it's well known for its pottery. This year we even bought some, and I also got the opportunity to take photos of the walls from outside the village. Soo pretty! We had lunch and took a little stroll. These photos are quite dull but I kind of get stressed when I have people with me and want to take pictures, I never produce any good photos then. It's a lovely village, however.

And this is the wall. So majestic, in a way.

Nice surprise

This year we have a new apartment, that is built in one of the houses at the end of the garden. Our neighbours are the owners of the agriturismo. There is a constant stream of animals here. Bosco, the dog that I call our life guard, three cats, of which two are parents to two little kittens. The kitten mama and the kittens live just outside our house. We all love them, even my stepdad who claims to hate cats, lol. :D